Thursday, November 17, 2016

Why mothers kill their children....

Some mothers commit the act of maternal filicide because of extreme mental illness. Some of the motives for parental murders is "altruistic filicide" (most common motive-mother rationalizes that killing her child is in the child's best interest), "Acutely Psychotic Filicide," (where a mother kills without an understandable motive, possibly hearing voices), "Fatal Mistreatment Filicide", (where a mother kills without an understandable motive, possibly hearing voices), "Fatal Maltreatment Filicide" (where a mother does not necessarily mean to kill her child, but death occurs after cumulative abuse, "Unwanted Child Filicide," (where a mother believes her child is a hindrance in her life, and lastly "Spouse Revenge Filicide," (the rarest for mothers, where she kills her child to emotionally strike out against the father. This last one, "Spouse Revenge Filicide", is the one that Medea goes through while killing her children. She knows that she will hurt herself, but still, not caring, she kills her kids anyway because she knows the worst punishment for a man is to kill his kids, and she wants what's the worst for Jason. This shows she is really mentally unstable, but this is still not acceptable.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How Taoist texts help deepen our understanding of early Chinese history

Taoist texts can help deepen our understanding of Chinese History because there are now dates applied to the Taoist canon. They can now compare the Taoist canon to the emperors notes. Also, the rituals that are written down in the Tao Te Chang help us see how there society was in early Chinese history. Even just having the Tao Te Chang, helps us get insight into the early principles of Taoism. Many people at first used early dynastic histories and then they just wrote that up and used that as history, but now we are able to extract information for the religious texts, way better than before. Also, we can compare the early Taoist times to the birth of Christianity, because they are very similar. The Taoist texts can show us how they lived their lives, and the rituals they used. We can see their morals and rules, similar to the 10 commandments. The religious texts from Taoism are the key to understanding the principles and beginning of Taoism.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Simulation theory

I do believe that out universe is real. I don't believe there is a higher power controlling us and simulating our lives. It's just not possible. It is also a very abstract idea. Would we really be living if we were a simulation? That also brings up the question that the things we simulate, are they real? Well some people may answer this with a short, "Of course not!" But if you really think about it, if they are saying that our universe is simulated, can't we also simulate other universes? The whole idea of this is messed up though, and there are also many loopholes in the system I believe. Just because the article about the simulation states that the laws of the universe are very mathematical, and that points to thinking that it's more of a simulation. I believe this theory is very similar to the maze runner. In the maze runner, all of the characters are part of an experiment to test humanity. If they are saying that we are a simulation, we might as well be an experiment. The whole theory is very strange but very possible. It is a 50/50 chance that this is real, but I still believe our universe is real. It's not possible, or at least it isn't comprehendible to us humans.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Holocaust compared to the Book of Job

The story of Menachem's parents are similar and different to the book of Jobs story because even after the holocaust happened, and their lives were ruined, Menachem's parents still had faith in God, similar to Job. Even after their kids were being put to death, and they were in famine and with sickness, they still believed in God, and miracles. They still believed that God had a greater plan and reasons to not stop the Holocaust. Similar to this, Job never stopped believing in God and in the greater good. Job was tortured by Satan and God together just to test his faith. These story's are different because God is personally torturing Job in the Book of Job, but in the Holocaust, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis are personally hurting the Jews and other minorities.  This makes me wonder if God is so powerful and is in control of the world, then why didn't he stop Hitler when he could? I just don't understand why he wouldn't stop the Holocaust. In the article it states that it is just a miracle that people still believe in God after the Holocaust. If I went through the Holocaust, I don't think that I would believe in God after going through something as horrific as it was. My great grandparents survived the Holocaust, but every day till the day they died, they prayed to God. It really boggled my mind why they would still believe in God and a higher power. They were still just as faithful maybe even more faithful then before. Many people have very weird reasons for believing in God. People start to believe in God because of natural coincidences that they perceive as miracles. God visibly didn't do anything to stop the Holocaust or Hitler. The Book of Job is very similar to the Holocaust.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Book of Job Comparison

The Book of Job is very similar to the other stories we read in the Old Testament. All of these stories have to do with God testing the faith of Jews. Take the story of Abraham and Issac. God was testing Abraham's faith by telling him to kill his most prized possession-his son- to show his faithfulness. He did pass the test. Another one of Gods tests occurred at the beginning of man. When he brought Adam and Eve into this world, he said they could eat anything but the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Of course if you tell someone not to eat something or touch something, they would feel more of an urge to touch it or eat it. Also, God is supposed to know everything...Isn't he? If he knows everything, it raises the question of "Why?" God is supposed to know everything so he should know our future actions-since he created us. So why does he feel the need to test us? This shows that God may be a little insecure and might need a little reassurance of our faith and his/her importance. All of these stories relate to the Book of Job because the Book of Job talked about how God and Satan were testing Jobs faith through torturing him. They wanted to see how much they could torture someone to make them unfaithful. The story of Job is also different from the Old Testament because Satan is involved. In all of the other stories so far, Satan was not even mentioned. In this story, Satan helps with the torturing. This story is also very different because this really proved that God really didn't  know what the outcome would be, that is supposedly why he was torturing Job... Right? Well, if God knew the outcome, then the whole faithfulness test would not have been needed. From the Book of Job, it shows that God maybe didn't know the outcomes of our actions, and he was an insecure character.

Friday, September 30, 2016

1/8 of Freshman Year

High school has been a rollercoaster so far. I have had so much more work than middle school. It was a big change from middle school to high school, for better and for worse. The things I love about high school is the bigger responsibility. I can honestly do whatever I want and use whatever educational tools I feel are necessary. I don't have teachers holding my hand and telling me what to do every second of the day. Another thing I love is the open campus policy. It makes me feel like I'm an adult and at college. In addition to that, I am in love with the clubs I have been doing. I'm in many different clubs, ranging from Congress to The Roslyn Film Society. The worst things about high school is the switch of the workload and expectations. Personally, I have a very difficult schedule with all honors classes, so some days I feel like I'm drowning in work. I know that all my work will be worth it in the end. High school makes me feel more adult like, and I didn't realize how much I would like it until I got here. Some days surprisingly, I'm actually excited to go to school and that is a big change from last year. So far my high school experience is great.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

God Mind Map Analyzation

After reading Genesis 6-9, my opinions on God changed slightly. Before reading this, I believed that God was a happy and forgiving person. After reading this, I don't believe God was as forgiving as I had believed. I believe that he had a bad temper during all of this, so he decided to take extreme measures for something he could have fixed easily, because he's God. The indirect characterization of God really makes him seem like a impulsive character. He decided that he was just going to ruin the whole world because he believed that people were turning wicked and ruthless, but there was so much he could have done about it before ruining the whole world. He also held great power and coercion over Noah and his family. He held great authority and no one would defy him directly. The difference is though, that people were defying him indirectly, which he didn't appreciate which led him to the solution of flooding the world and everything living on it. God also had a sensitive side. After Noah followed his orders, he almost thanked him. He found a person who respected him more than anyone else, and he wanted everyone to act like Noah. I don't understand how god could have made human  an image of himself because God believed that the humans were disrespectful and wicked. Did God not see himself in his true manner? No one will ever know, but if he was basing humans on himself, it is fine to say that he was ashamed of what he created, so he decided to wipe it out and start all over, which is not how life goes. If you mess up a situation, you can't just wipe out the situation and create another one. You have to live with your mistakes and that is what God did not want to do.